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Plant Ideas Gallery

Office buildings

Greener offices make happier employees. Findings indicated that people who worked in offices with plants and windows reported that they felt better about their job and the work.


Researchers at Kansas State University have conducted two studies that reveal that putting plants in hospital rooms of surgery patients may aid in their recovery!


Choose plants for your home that coordinate with the style of decor you are using.This image shows a �southeastern style. It's very casual and informal. The palm is light and airy to go with the light-weight wicker furniture.


Patio landscaping can be redone every year if you like. According to experts, it also can raise your property value by 12.4%!

Holidays and special occasions

From Christmas decorations in hospital lobbies to tasteful residential celebrations...

...we do it all.

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Our plants always look beautiful and replacements are made in a timely manner."

Pratt-Thomas, Walker Law Firm

"As a business owner, one of the aspects I look for in a vendor is the ability to deliver good hassle-free service, and Designs by Nature fit my criteria perfectly" 

Owner-Comfort Inn

"The decision to use Designs by Nature proved beneficial, since while under their care the hotel continued to receive its Four Diamond rating."

General Manager, Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center

"Designs by Nature proves to be consistent in their service of our 350 tropical plants.  We would highly recommend Kathy and her staff".-

Medical Engineering Company

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