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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does your service consist of? 

A:  We come to your place each week at approximately the same time of day.  We water plants that need water, fertilize on a regular schedule, check the plants for any pests or diseases and treat if needed, rotate the containers toward the predominant light source, wipe down the containers, cut off all dead and dying leaves, and add new moss topdressing if needed.

Our maintenance technicians go about their work quietly and unobtrusively.

Q: Doesn't it make a mess when you replace plants? 

A: NO!  Our plants are kept in their nursery cans from our Florida growers.  We insert the nursery can into the decorative container and use an Aspen bark moss (with the look of Spanish moss) to the top to have the appearance of the plant being direct planted.  In this way, when we replace a plant, we simply have to lift it out, put the new one in, and put fresh moss on the top.




...and the HARD questions

Q: Why should I hire a plant company? 

A: First impressions mean everything, and when stepping into your lobby, a few lush, green plants will present a professional and polished image.

Q: What kind of expense should I expect? 

Each client is different.  An 8' tall palm tree is more expensive than a 12" desk plant.  Containers also vary in cost from the least expensive baskets to the most expensive brass and metallics. 

We come to your place and prepare a plan especially for you.  We can work with any budget!  Some of our plans include leasing plants and containers and include our weekly maintenance. Other clients purchase plants and/or containers and keep an on-going maintenance agreement. 

BUT, as long as we maintain your plants, you have the green guarantee!  This means that any plant that deteriorates is replaced.

If you have us!


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