Great First Impressions!

Your "curb appeal" will make or break the success of your business. Impress your visitors as they step through your doors. We will help you add magnificent visual appeal to the interior of your business or office.

About Designs By Nature

Designs by Nature is large enough to meet all your interior plantscape needs and small enough to care about every single customer. No matter their size, every customer is very important to us.

Kathy Spears began her business in Wisconsin after receiving her Horticulture Degree in 1979. Her first assignment was a large shopping mall, then a hospital. She has been providing service to the commercial and corporate community ever since.

Currently, her company maintains plants and flowers for dozens of satisfied clients in the low country. Designs by Nature brings your environment to life.

When you are greeted by live healthy plants you feel better! "Our customer's plants are all vibrant and fresh — all of the time.

This is the secret of her success.

Here is what we do for you

We Bring Nature Indoors.
Beautiful plants transform indoor spaces -- they add interest and make rooms feel alive. A well designed plantscape compliments architecture, softening angular spaces with natural shape and color.

The Results Will Inspire You
Watching a new leaf unfold, an annual flower bloom, or just being around plants can help reduce stress. Psychologists have learned that the color green has a positive benefit on our health, it lowers blood pressure, calms the nervous system and relieves anxiety.

Interiorscapes provide ideal surroundings for those who need to concentrate, and are an excellent addition to design studios, reading rooms, studies, offices and other high stress or thought intensive settings.

You Feel Refreshed Naturally
Plantscapes help clean indoor air. Today's air-tight buildings often become polluted with human bioeffluents and outgassed chemicals from glues, carpet, plastics, fabrics, wall coverings and furniture contributing to allergy related problems such as itchy eyes, skin rashes, drowsiness and headaches.

Important benefits to you


Another benefit to having live plants in buildings nowadays is the "green building" factor. 

Do you know that plants clean the air we breathe? They exchange fresh oxygen for stale carbon dioxide!

NASA studies show that commonly used indoor flowering plants can reduce levels of potentially cancer-causing substances by up to 70% in 24 hours. 

Also, NASA research shows the number and size of plants in a room increases the amount of air purified. Only one or two medium-sized plants per 100 square feet will improve air quality. 

Designs by Nature can recommend the number and types of plants that will work best - and look spectacular - in a commercial or residential space.

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